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Lights, Camera, ACTION

Airing tomorrow! Saturday, March 9th we will be featured on "This Is SF", CBS- Channel 5 at 7:30pm. #KPIX This featured segment is about the Courtney Collection and growth of the business. It was such a fun shoot to do with the lovely Crystal Lee (@crystalclues) and our shop dog Goliath, he SURE had fun with her too. We will be enjoying a delicious dinner tomorrow night at home, before we settle into the sofa to watch and see all the intriguing SF small businesses come together on this episode. We are honored to be shown on the first Season 1 of the show in our city. My boutique store is ever evolving and I am inspired to create new things daily to add to the three main products lines I have created. We hope you'll be tuned in and watching us and if you miss the episode it will air again on the CW Channel 44 at 11am, Saturday, March 23rd. Let me know what you think! Unfortunately, the show only airs in the Bay Area. However, the segment will be up on YouTube shortly after and we'll also include it somewhere here on our website. Stay tuned. Off to go design and create... Living with passion is the best! Thanks everyone for helping me lead my best life. - Kathleen Courtney

Update 3/25: Our segment aired again this past weekend! New designs will be showcased on our website soon.

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