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Our Vision

To provide good aesthetic design with

our products and create beautiful, 

exclusive limited collections to "keep it unique". 

A statement of a true collection of your favorite things starting with a well made, 

forever keepsake treasure from the 

Courtney Collection. 



Our Philosophy

To be innovative in our designed products and in keeping with the idea that "Less, really is more". Kathleen believes her products should feel empowering visually and yet feel soothing to the soul, with a basis of classic essentials and added touches of whimsy.  It is reflective of the lifestyle of an added design element you want in your life.


About the Designer
Kathleen Courtney has a BFA in Interior Architectural Design and her background boasts of an international exposure in hotel and resort projects with several prestigious interior design firms. Thus, her designs have the added advantage of access to design expertise with an international flair.


Our Passion

Kathleen Courtney -" I always knew I would be in design from when I was very young. I was intrigued with space, color, textures and the small details.  I am quite conscious in bringing an exceptional aesthectic to my designs of jewelry, home decor and wearable arts, as I have done so in all my interior projects with my clients in the past. At this time, my biggest passion is expanding the store and creating our photography studio behind the scenes for our customers. It is an honor to have one of my customers come back to see what is new and add to their collection they have started with me!


Company History
Kathleen Courtney created Luxury Pillows store/company over 15 years ago, expanding into bedding and creative novelty gifts.  An added passion of scarf and jewelry making emerged while working with soft textiles, intriguing patterns and raw fibers. Thus, a re-branding occurred with the Courtney Collection three years into the business. All collections continue to grow with inspiration and attention to detail. A mascot for the company has also been added, the introduction of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy!  "Goliath" has been the love and inspiration each day during the creative process. Work breaks entail trips to the local beach on a regular basis!

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