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Do you need an overhaul?

Don't we all need one from time to time? Since last May, we have been steadily moving the needle in our shop with an expansion. 2017 proves the overhaul is in full swing. Want to be motivated to get things done? Come visit us and see some of the before and after of what we've been up to. New products, new layout and new trends are showcasing in our store this winter/spring. I've been excited (since the holiday rush has calmed down a bit) to roll up our sleeves again for more details to add in our shop with our overhaul. What do you need so we can help you with your overhaul in style/fashion? For a start...we've got new bolster pillows on the way. How fun to have an unusual shape of a pillow added to your home decor rather than the regular square accent pillow? Lovely hand crafted candles were added last fall and a new photography studio will be in our "behind the scenes" section of our store. Keep watching. Thank you and Happy 2017 to our customers and friends! - Kathleen Courtney

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