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Nearly Mid-year...what does THAT mean?

Wow! Time flies! It is nearly mid-year and what does that mean? For us, it means we've just completed new collections in all our hand crafted original items. It has been so much fun earlier this year exploring photography and attending a wonderful photo trade show where I met and learned so much from other professionals. Classes have been squeezed into my schedule and sometimes you can catch us doing some creative shooting with all of our new gear. It also has been nearly a year since we remodeled and though we still are a project in progress and evolving, we love this creative and relaxing environment we created. Our shop dog, Goliath, loves it and has settled into a new bed to supervise us along the way. We've met so many new local people in the hood and lovely tourists that have purchased novelty gifts to bring home. We welcome you to come by and see what's new, introduce yourself and join our club lists for some special events. Thanks for checking our updates. Cheers! --- Kathleen Courtney and Goliath.

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