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What does a Christmas tree mean?

What a wonderful year it has been! Happy Holidays everyone! I'll keep this short and sweet, we were given this wonderful fresh small tree and it gets us in a nostalgic place. This will be fun to strategically decorate. (Usually we set up a fake tree, and we will probably do that too.) Have you set up your holiday decor? What must go into it for you?

We are being industrious elves in our shop and have been hand crafting many new items. We have new jewelry, snoods and funny dish towels. We also have some great wool, cashmere and cotton shawls. So I title this article, "All I want for Christmas"...because all we want is for a lovely time to end out the year for everyone...and thanks to all our customers old and new for making this happen. We are happy to have our products in many more museums and gift shops around the country now and making very special custom products for some interesting companies. Keep letting us know what you want to see and drop by our store, we'd love to see you. Send me an email so I can tell our shopdog, Goliath, you are coming. ;)

Blessings and Peace to you - Kathleen Courtney

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