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How do you feel about prepping and getting the nest of your home organized for the holidays/winter? Summer breezed by with collaborating new collections that I look forward to the winter nesting. Many changes have taken place at our store this year. Huge construction has been a challenge outside for our busy city street and I am a busy bee updating the boutique shop weekly as well. My new designs in handmade products are here and our intimate "behind the scenes" photo studio is in full swing. There are new candles to purchase from our local partnered companies which fill the store with light scents. I feel the glow of a lit candle is the first step to nesting, wouldn't you say? One of the most enjoyable collections are the handmade humorous and pretty tea towels I create non-stop. These are a great hostess gift and lovely to add to gift baskets.

Nesting is about treating yourself as well. I have now stocked new, one of a kind wearable arts in the store of jewelry and scarves for the holidays. Do give me a heads up if you are coming in as opening hours fluctuate. The street construction outside of our store could be a small deterrent, however, there are great restaurants close by and other shops a block away east and west on Polk and Union streets. Happy Holidays everyone!

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